'Texts From Hillary' Gets Amazing New Entry That Will Crack You Up

Hillary with Texts from Hillary tumblr creatorsHillary Clinton has just gone from no-nonsense Secretary of State to incredibly hip. If you haven't already seen the Tumblr "Texts from Hillary" you are missing out! As we reported a couple days ago, the Tumblr shows power player Clinton "sending" quippy, dry texts to a variety of famous folks (from Boehner to Barack, Beyonce to the #1 Mama Grizzly). Now, "Hillz" herself is on the viral joke.

That's right! Just one week after the meme launched, Clinton invited its creators Adam Smith and Stacy Lambe to meet her at the State Department. Then, she submitted an entry of her own for the Tumblr, which she autographed for Smith and Lambe, writing, "Adam — Thanks for the many LOLZ Hillary 'Hillz.'" Haa, love it!


So did Adam and Stacy, who sound over-the-moon with the fact that their meme has blown up seemingly overnight ... Not to mention that it has now nabbed the attention of its "star."

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But let's talk for a sec about Hillary herself. As the meme suggests, she is one seriously multi-tasking, uber-important woman -- so busy, in fact, that I wouldn't have guessed that the meme would necessarily make it onto her radar. So how awesome is it that she actually is up on something as niche, tech-y, and "insider-y" as a meme Tumblr?

Sure, she probably has 20- and 30-somethings working for her who give her a rundown on the media, so maybe that's how she found out about it. Or perhaps Chelsea shot her a text about it! (How meta ...) Who knows? It's possible she may have even stumbled upon this on her own. No matter -- now I'm convinced that she's way more plugged into viral culture than we would think! And how totally hip and mod is that?! Plus, I adore that she acknowledged the creators and even came up with her own contribution to the Tumblr. Way to be down with regular American Internet junkies, Hillz! Provin' yet again that she's a rock star.

Does this make you like Hillary even more?


Image via textsfromhillary.tumblr.com

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