Betty White's on Twitter at 90! And Her First Tweet Is ...

Betty White joins TwitterLast week's big Twitter news was that Blue Ivy's momma Beyonce finally spoke out. This week? It's none other than the Queen of Comedy Betty White herself who is joining in on all the tweet-tastic fun. Nothing too exciting is up on her feed just yet, except if you call her courting Ryan Seacrest exciting. The 90-year-old TV vet and star of new TV show Betty White's Off Their Rockers tweeted:

"Hey @RyanSeacrest - my new show airs tomorrow and I hear we're in the same time slot. I've always dreamed of sharing a night with you ..."

HA! That Betty, such a jokester. I do have like, one eensy question though. I mean Betty, she's a swell woman and all, but is it a little weird that at age 90 she's jumping into the social media ring? I mean, isn't there like some unspoken age cap for this sort of stuff?


A few months ago my grandmother friended me on Facebook, and I was legitimately shocked. I remember what it was like for me to friend my parents on the popular site a few years ago: uber weird. But Grandma? Whole. Other. Level.

It's not that I have anything on there that I wouldn't want her seeing. It's just, well, she doesn't understand it all. I just envision my poor little grandmother looking at the things I post and wondering, What in the world is a Twitter and how does one go about playing Words With Friends business?! There's a huge learning curve, you know? I guess the reality these days is that age ain't nothin' but a number when it comes to the web.

Hell, just last week Joe Biden jumped on the bandwagon too! Maybs this is going to be a new trend, older people in the spotlight, Hollywood and political A-listers, jumping on social media. I'm down. If everyone's nearly as entertaining as Betty White, then I welcome it!

Do your parents or grandparents use Facebook? Do you think it's weird?


Image via NBC

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