Bobby Petrino's Wild Scandalous 'Ride' With Jessica Dorrell Gets Him Fired

Bobby PetrinoWell, I hope that wild and reckless "ride" with sexy 25-year-old Jessica Dorrell a few nights ago was worth it, Bobby Petrino -- cause wow, not only did you suffer four broken ribs and a cracked vertebra, but Arkansas just totally fired you! That's right. No more coaching football at Arkansas for Petrino. Goodbye to the $24.92 million he was set to earn during his 7-year contract. Sayonara to all the hard work of taking his teams to 21-5 over the last two seasons. And don't even kid yourselves about a multimillion-dollar buyout? Oh no, Petrino will not see one cent.

A harsh punishment for a little old affair? Maybe, maybe not. The scandal is getting gnarlier by the minute. You see, all told, it wasn't simply one night of indiscretion with an employee by a married father of four and grandfather to two. It was one lie that snowballed into another and another -- surpassing his personal life and permeating his professional life as well.


Arkansas athletics director Jeff Long says Coach Petrino "knowingly misled" the university for a some time. He not only unfairly helped get his mistress hired on at the university, but he continued an inappropriate relationship with her without letting on. It sounds like he even gave her $20K at one point for who knows what (wink, wink). Then that fateful night of April Fools' Eve, the two took a tumble on Petrino's motorcycle and then the lies snowballed into a mess that cost Petrino his job (no word yet on whether Dorrell lost her job, too).

It's hard to say if the punishment is too harsh. I mean, Petrino is already stricken with physical injuries, serious blows to the ego and the reputation, and no doubt emotional, marital, and familial woes in the aftermath of his own destructive behaviors. In the statement Petrino released after the firing, he said:

All I have been able to think about is the number of people I've let down by making selfish decisions. I've taken a lot of criticism in the past. Some deserved, some not deserved. This time, I have no one to blame by myself.

However, now he can add professional and financial catastrophe into the mix -- and for what? I mean, I'm sure Dorrell is a nice (or whatever) woman and all, but um, is any woman-on-the-side really worth this kind of spontaneous life combustion?

I have to say I'm pretty impressed with Arkansas for drawing a crystal clear boundary on this sort of thing. Don't ... eff ... with ... Arkansas! It definitely sends a bold message about what can happen if you let your ugly personal indiscretions bleed into the workplace. Just don't do it, fellas (or ladies) -- because what may feel like the "ride of your life" may just lead to your ultimate "crash and burn."

Do you think Coach Petrino got what was coming to him? Or is this punishment too harsh?

Image via Arkansas Razorbacks

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