Ozzie Guillen's Fidel Castro 'Love' Gets Him Suspended

ozzie guillenMiami Marlins manager Ozzie Guillen is under fire for his recent comments expressing adoration for Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. MamásLatinas writer Irina Gonzalez shares her reaction to the recent controversy and his resulting suspension.

Of all of the really stupid things that a person can say in a predominantly Cuban community, "I love Fidel Castro" is most definitely at the top of the list by a long shot. But apparently outspoken baseball manager Ozzie Guillen didn't get the memo when he joined the Miami Marlins.

In a recent article in Time, Ozzie is quoted as not only saying that he loves Fidel but also that he respects him for surviving as the dictator of Cuba for the last 60 years. Unsurprisingly, the South Florida population isn't too happy with his comments.


This isn't the first time that Ozzie has made a ridiculous comment about a much-hated dictator, but this time he's paying for it: The Miami Marlins have suspended Guillen for five games. He's long been an outspoken guy and proud of it, but it looks like he's finally starting to wise up a bit after this latest foot-in-his-mouth disaster.  

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In the past, he expressed support of Hugo Chavez, the president of his native Venezuela who has ties with Castro, but recently he's started to become critical of Chavez. So why was Guillen so happy to say that he's such a fan of Fidel? Maybe he hadn't read much about Castro before his comments since he told reporters in his apology statement that he wants people to know that he's "against everything ... the way (Castro has) treated people the last 60 years" now that he's "read a lot about him."

Although Guillen has apologized for his Castro comments because "everybody is upset and kind of sad" and has sworn off addressing political topics, there are still a lot of offensive things that Ozzie can talk about. He underwent sensitivity training in 2006 after using a homophobic slur, and maybe Guillen needs a little more sensitivity training if he's planning to stick with the Miami Marlins for a bit longer than this first season. It seems that a lot of what comes out of his mouth is, well, something he needs to apologize for. Hopefully his embarrassment over the comment that he now claims only meant he was "surprised Fidel Castro stayed in power so long" will help teach him to keep his mouth shut.

Although I'm happy that the Marlins are doing something about his awful comments with the suspension, it's hard for me to imagine him offending anyone even more than with his Castro comments (since I'm half Cuban and pretty mad myself). But I wouldn't want to underestimate his big mouth either, so I just hope he can keep it closed.

What did you make of Ozzie Guillen's comments about Fidel Castro?

Written by Irina Gonzalez for MamásLatinas.com; image via lakeandlocal/Flickr

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