Here’s Reason #4,351 to Stop Taking Naughty Pics of Yourself

SextingAs if there aren’t enough factors on the line when it comes to taking naked self-portraits, one more has cropped up in the news. A really vindictive thief at a city bar in eastern Sweden swiped an unsuspecting 21-year-old woman’s cellphone from her back pocket, which is criminal in and of itself. But, upon discovering that she had stored pics of herself in the buff—and didn’t password protect them—the pickpocketing jerk posted the photos to the victim’s own Facebook page


They say when you lose your phone, you lose access to your whole world (OK, “they” don’t say that, but I sure as heck do). But in this case, the whole world got too much access to her. What you won’t do is steal a phone and then expose pictures you had no business seeing to a Facebook page you had no right to be on in the first place.

Even more devastating: there’s no way to track whether the pics have gone viral, which means just because she snatched the nudie shots from her wall and account doesn’t mean some perv didn’t jump on them before she realized what was going on and share them with his friends and then they shared them with their friends and so on and so forth.

Meanwhile, the jerk who pulled this stunt is wanted for theft and sexual assault, but remains at large, probably wreaking havoc on another poor woman’s personal life and private pics.

Not to blame the victim, but can this please be a lesson to snap-happy gals out there ready to entice, tease, and tantalize their beaus with naughty shots of themselves? It’s sexy for the time being. Plenty of us have been lured into the sultriness of sexting. But if the phone gets hacked—or, heaven forbid, stolen—all of your parts and pieces are exposed for the whole world to get a gander at. It’s not only humiliating; in some cases, it can be dangerous. All that for an impulsive photo shoot in your birthday suit? You’re better off leaving it to the imagination.

Have you ever lost track of one of your skin flicks?

Image via » Zitona «/Flickr

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