Sephora's Tech-Savvy Makeover Is Great News for Beauty Geeks (VIDEO)

makeup shelf at sephoraFor any woman who has ever felt like a swipe of lipstick instantly brightens up her day or the perfect mascara makes her not only look but feel more awake, Sephora is the mothership of all beauty stores. It may sound silly, but whenever I go into that store or surf over to their website, I get the same butterflies a little kid might when entering Dylan's Candy Bar or a tech geek might upon arriving at Best Buy or the Apple Store. And now ... the shopping experience just got even more exciting. (I know, as if that were possible!)

The company, in an attempt to do a "social and mobile makeover" on itself, debuted a new website today that integrates Instagram and Pinterest. They also released a brand new and improved iOS app, and they'll be bringing iPads and iPod touch point-of-sale devices into at least 100 stores this year. Well, it's about time!


Sephora has always been on the cutting-edge of the latest beauty products, so it makes perfect sense that the company would be one of the first to incorporate all of these social media and gadget goodies into their shopping experience. Their products really do lend themselves to sites like Pinterest and Instagram. When I find a beauty product I adore, I definitely want to share the tip with my friends, imploring them to check it out. Hence why Sephora slapping the "Pin It" button on all of their products website-wide is brilliant. It's a win for Pinterest users and for Sephora!

As for the iPads and iPods in the store? Big boon for them and for us the consumers, as well. I can't tell you how many times I've been in that store and groaned that I'm waiting in a loooong line to buy one or two tiny things (a refill eye shadow or roll-on perfume, say). But adding Apple check-outs to the mix should speed up the process for customers looking to get in, grab their beauty fix, and get out.

Love it! Other companies should definitely take note, because with these changes, Sephora sure is looking prettier and smarter than ever.

Here's the senior VP of Sephora's digital operations talking to TechCrunch about all of their new efforts, how they're learning from customers via Facebook, and even encouraging us to "comparison shop" using technology in the store ...


Will you be taking advantage of Sephora's tech-savvy changes online or in stores?


Image via jackiembarr/Flickr

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