Bubba Watson Won the Masters & Scored Total Hot Dad Points (VIDEO)

bubba watson

Did you relax and enjoy the Masters 2012 yesterday? I only caught a few minutes of the tournament, but was shocked and pleasantly surprised when I heard that Bubba Watson had pulled off a true underdog victory and won the whole thing. And I was so relieved -- because I would've been a bit annoyed if Tiger Woods had somehow come from behind and wound up winning. (That just wouldn't have been fair at all.)

Bubba Watson deserved to win the Masters, and his victory at Augusta National was even sweeter because he is a man of faith and character who has his priorities in line. Hmm ... an athlete who is also a "man of faith." Don't athletes usually get made fun of for staying true to their beliefs? Huh. Guess golf is a bit too mature for that sort of childish behavior.


While he was no doubt thrilled with his Masters win, Bubba had bigger things on his mind than the spiffy new green jacket he walked away with. He said that he was looking forward to going home to his 1-month-old baby, Caleb, whom he and his wife adopted a mere two weeks ago. He even joked that he hadn't changed his diaper yet! (Little bit different than sinking a putt.) There's really nothing sexier than a man who puts his child first. And it's pretty tough to miss the fact that Bubba is quite the looker.

And you gotta love one of Bubba's other humble comments about his big win:

Golf isn't everything for me. If I would have lost today, it wouldn't have been the end of the world. To win is awesome, but I'll go back to real life next week.

How much more do you adore Bubba after hearing that? Wow -- he hasn't been a father for very long, but it sounds like he already has some great lessons to teach his little guy as he grows up. And once his son is old enough to understand what his daddy accomplished yesterday, he'll be very proud of him and want to follow in his footsteps for sure.

Take a look at the video clip below to watch Bubba get his green jacket and to hear what he had to say about his big win!

Did you cheer for Bubba Watson during the Masters?

Image via Streeter Lecka/Getty

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