Beyonce's New Tumblr Brings Her Most Personal Moments Online (VIDEO)

beyonce with baby blue ivy
Beyonce with baby Blue Ivy
For months before baby Blue Ivy arrived, the offspring of Jay-Z and Beyonce was all anyone could talk about. We were literally a nation obsessed. Once Blue was born, I figured Jay and Bey would give it a couple of months and then sell some cute pics to one of the usual suspects (Us Weekly, People, etc.). But no. The first photos of their lil' girl surfaced on ... Tumblr! In other words, they didn't ask for a penny for the pics.

Now, it seems like Bey is keepin' up her open book good will with a brand new Tumblr account. And we're not just talkin' a couple of measly promo pics. These are for real personal glimpses into Mr. & Mrs. Carter's life and times!


In a heartfelt introduction, Bey explains:

This is my life, today, over the years -- through my eyes. My family, my travels, my love. This is where I share with you. This will continue to grow as I do.

Love it! I never really "got" Tumblr, but I feel like thanks to Beyonce, now I am starting to ... Hers is what social media should be. Plus, Bey's setting such an awesome example of how a celeb should be utilizing it to connect with her following. Her Tumblr, chock-full of snapshots from her life, says so much more than all that constant tweeting some stars tend to do or just running a big fat impersonal Facebook fan page.

Not to mention, the new mama looks so happy and vivacious, and her life looks like such a blast! Hello, friend crush! Speaking of her being a new mama ... there are currently no photos of Blue Ivy on the site, but I can imagine, if she's promising that it will grow as she does, we will soon see much more of Lil' Blue. How sweet will that be? Can't wait to see how it evolves!

In the meantime, here's a cute clip of Beyonce taking daughter Blue Ivy for a walk in NYC ...

How cute are Beyonce's pics?!


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