Bill Murray Gives Hilarious Impromptu Performance at the Ballpark (VIDEOS)

Bill MurrayWhen comedies and sports come together, they usually create video gold. And we can thank Bill Murray for the latest unforgettable sports stunt as the perfect Friday treat.

Good ol' Billy boy got the task of throwing the season's first pitch at Wrigley Field for the Chicago Cubs. Usually that person of honor strides up to the pitcher's mound, winds up, throws woefully short, giggles a little bit at said bad throw, and goes on with their lives. 

Not Bill, of course.

Never one to give up on opportunity on how we need to stop taking ourselves so damn seriously, Bill decided to do a hilarious impromtu sprint around the bases and, after relief pitcher Kerry Wood's encouragement, slide into home base. It's pretty freakin' hilarious.


Here's the awesome vid:

Gotta love how he clutches his chest midway through the run -- it always looks like such a deceptively short distance when the professionals sprint from base to base on TV. But it's much farther than you'd think, and I'd probably be huffing and puffing away, relieved to be sliding and/or collapsing into home base, as well.

And unfortunately for Cubs fans, this was probably the highlight of their day, as the Cubs went on to lose 2-1 against the Washington Nationals. Hey, at least they had something to cheer for and laugh about before the game even started.

Bill's been a long-time Cubs fan, and it's really great when celebrities come out to support their favorite teams. Though the slide into home was pretty good, nothing compares to this video announcing the Cubs' lineup back in 1987. Not only can Bill not pronounce half of the players' names, he talks about how terrible and overrated they are, too. I don't know how his co-announcer keeps his composure! Trust me, it's worth the 9 minutes out of your day:

How hilarious is Bill Murray and his love/hate for the Cubs?

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