Dog Eats Coveted Masters Tickets But Then the Little Chucker Gives Them Back (VIDEO)

Augusta MastersIs it just me, or is there a heck of a lot going on this weekend? Not only do we have Passover and Easter to celebrate, the Masters kicked off today and will be broadcast through Sunday. Of course, all eyes will be on Tiger Woods and how he fares, but there's just something about the Masters I've always enjoyed watching. A lot of it has to do with how freakin' beautiful and gorgeous the course in Augusta is; it seems like a place where fairies and baby deer and magic go to butterfly kiss.

As both my parents are huge golf fans, it's been one of their lifelong dreams to go to the tournament and walk around the historic course. So I can understand how elated Russ Berkman was to win an online lottery for four tickets to check out a practice round.

And I can also understand how shocked, appalled, and stupefied he was when he came to realize he couldn't find his tickets ... because his dog ate 'em.


His Swiss Mountain dog, Sierra, had eaten all four of his tickets! “When I walked in the house, I noticed there was a few strings on my hardwood floors that appeared to be the strings on my Masters tickets,” Berkman told radio station KJR.

Can you imagine his first thought when he finally figured it out? It probably went along the lines of: OMFG.

But not all was lost. Instead of giving up and cancelling the trip, he called up his girlfriend in Hawaii. She suggested making the dog throw up -- I guess there's a safe way to do this by feeding the dog some hydrogen peroxide. Imma have to Google that one ... okay, so it's a safe method in case your dog eats something she shouldn't, and then Berkman was tasked with the lovely job of sifiting through the dog's vomit to find the remnants of the tickets.

He tried to piece them back together and got in touch with Augusta National. Their first reaction to his story? "Are you serious?!" Can't imagine what Berkman had to tell them ... yeah, dudes, sorry, my dog ate my Masters tickets. But then he got his tickets re-issued, and this story had a happy ever after. Hopefully it was well worth it and he and his friends had an awesome, vomit-less time on their trip.

If you're as excited as Berkman for the upcoming Masters (though Sierra's probably still a tad traumatized by the whole ordeal), check out this video previewing the tournament:

Would you sift through your dog's vomit if she consumed once-in-a-lifetime event tickets?

Image via Photography by J.Campbell/Flickr

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