Google Project Glass Will Have You Wearing Your Phone on Your Face -- OMG! (VIDEO)

google project glass See a movie, walk down the street, sit on a train, or hang out in an elevator for two seconds. More often than not, at least half of the people you see have their heads down, glued to their smartphone. Disturbing to say the least. But I guess that's why Google has come up with a "solution": Google Project Glass, futuristic glasses that turn your entire field of vision into a smartphone screen where you can get and interact with alerts, texts, directions, check-ins, etc. The glasses are currently in "crowd-sourcing phase," meaning they're checking the market out right now to see how a product like this would fare.

Eerily, it could do really well. (Some YouTube commenters are already plotting out how they'll use them. For instance, in the kitchen to follow recipes.) But whether or not that's a good thing is definitely up for debate!

Here's a video of how the freaky things might work ...


So ... I say it's a potential disaster in the making. Sure, our heads wouldn't be down anymore. We'll be looking straight ahead ... at our smartphones 24/7/365?!!! Whaaat. Are we really quick enough to be able to mult-task like this? Hell no. And I'm not just talking about how many accidents they could cause if people wore them while driving (scary thought!).

It looks like everyone would be walking around in their own virtual bubble at all times, unable to truly focus on any one activity or person. The promo video shows the wearer interacting with his friend, sure, but then a check-in box comes popping up. Agghhh ... Talk about bringing our digital ADD to the next level!

We're already way too immersed in screen time. Slapping one on our faces to WEAR? Just goes too far, Google, way too far!

What do you make of this -- brilliant or BAD idea?

Image via Google/YouTube

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