Tim Tebow Takes Personal Grooming Very Seriously (VIDEO)

tim tebowTim Tebow sure seems pretty excited about his big move to NYC, and he's been busy getting ready for his debut with the Jets. In addition to working out and house hunting for the perfect bachelor pad, he's also squeezing in a little time for some good old-fashioned rest and relaxation. And he certainly deserves it.

But I'm not talking about taking a vacation or chilling out in front of the T.V. Nope -- I'm talking about real, justified pampering. Because even professional athletes take personal grooming and looking good very seriously. Tim obviously wants to make the right first impression when he hits the Big Apple, which is why he treated himself to a manicure and pedicure in L.A. this week.


OMG. How adorable is it that Tim is getting all gussied up for New York? I'm loving it. And even though his nail treatments only cost a mere $23, Tim still supposedly left a huge tip. That really doesn't surprise me, considering what a genuinely good guy he is. I can't tell if I have a bit of a cougar crush on Tim, or if I have some sort of weird protective vibe kicking in because I can't stand how people rip him for being a decent human being. Either way, I'm finding the fact that he got a manicure and pedicure pretty endearing. It makes me love him even more.

Come to think of it -- if anyone out there knows Tebow personally, please tell him to call me and I'll totally meet up with him for mani/pedis sometime when I'm in the city. I'm in need of a good spa buddy, and I just know we'd hit it off.

To hear more about Tim joining the New York Jets, take a look at the video clip below.

Do you think it's weird when men get manicures and pedicures?


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