Get a Tour of the White House Without Leaving Your Couch (VIDEO)

Google Maps White House

On a daily basis, I'd be pretty lost without Google Maps. Whether it's simply looking up the quickest way back to my apartment on my phone or figuring out exactly how far it is to my grandparents' in California -- I use Google's directions for everything.

Well what if I told you that Google Maps is moving inside? Well, sort of. Their popular street view feature is taking on the halls of the White House. Always wanted to check out the First Family's diggs, but never had the time (or the extra moolah) to head down to Washington, D.C. yourself? Worry no more!

Google's using the same super awesome 360-views we can see of our fave locales online inside the famous hallways. The best part? Washington, Kennedy, Lincoln, and the whole gang -- they're there too! Just, well, on canvases. Sorry, Google hasn't figured out reincarnation ... yet.

Take the tour of the White House for yourself, here:


How. Totally. Awesome. Right!?

This had to be Barack's idea. Him and his fancy schmancy 2012 reelection campaign are doing all sorts of wacky things to get the buzz going. First Instagram, now this!? 

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In all honesty, I sorta hope that the constant expansion of technology a la Google's 360-degree tour of the White House doesn't replace the in-the-flesh visits. Is this a cool idea? Of course! But some of our nation's biggest landmarks are just worth checking out for realzies.

What do you think of Google's White House tour?


Image via whitehouse/YouTube

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