Ryan Seacrest Hosting 2012 Olympics: 12 Reasons This Is a Terrible Idea

Ryan SeacrestWhew, that Ryan Seacrest -- he is one busy dude. Not only is he doing all of his American Idol hosting duties and unleashing pseudo-celebs like the Kardashians upon the world, it seems like his next big adventure will take place in London. Yep, he's going to be part of NBC's coverage of the Summer Olympics.

His being part of the Olympics was the "big NBC announcement" the network couldn't stop talkin' about all week. Not that he was taking over for Matt Lauer on the Today show, which the two discussed during an awkward interview:

"Where do you see yourself in five years?" Lauer asked.

"The same height," Seacrest said, laughing.

Uhh? You see? This is why sports plus Seacrest just don't go together.


You may loooove Ryan Seacrest and his perfectly white smile and every perfectly placed follicle on his perfectly pale-skinned head, but when I think of sports, I don't think of Ryan Seacrest. Here's a list of reasons why NBC should be looking for another host for the games:

  • No one cares about hair at the Olympics, Ryan. Except maybe Dorothy Hamill.
  • Your designer windbreaker can't save you in front of the Olympics committee.
  • The Queen ain't having it.
  • There's no gold medal for ridiculously pale skin. It's in London this year, dude.
  • There's also no gold medal for white teeth. Oh wait, it's in London this year. There might be. You're probably already winning.
  • Olympic athletes are a heck of a lot more talented than any Kardashian.
  • People are gonna tune in to BBC's coverage instead when they see your vapid grin on their television screen.
  • We're not entirely sure the Olympic stadium can handle the size of your massive ego.
  • If you even so much as slip up and say "Kim" when you see Kate Middleton, you will be thrown in the palace dungeon.
  • Someone with sports reporting experience would make so much more sense. Bob Costas? Al Michaels? Anyone?
  • This is the guy who was the executive producer of Denise Richards: It's Complicated.
  • And, dude, everyone's just really sick of you.

Whew, I kind of feel much better now. Though I hope Ryan will be hosting the special interest stories while the sports reporting is done by actual sports reporters, one has to wonder what NBC is thinking by touting this as a "big announcement." No wonder their ratings have sucked lately.

Still, if I see any plug for or actual Kardashian on my screen during the Olympics, I'm immediately changing the channel.

What do you think about Ryan Seacrest covering the 2012 Olympics?

Image via Jlye Dupuis/Wikimedia Commons

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