4 Great Techie Ways to Make Your Kids Eat Right

We've been thinking a lot about how to get our kids to eat more vegetables and, in the process, get more of what Michael Pollan calls "food" down our gullets in place of the cast-off chicken nuggets and pizza rinds we currently eat. Here are some changes we're going to be instituting around Gadget Dad central.


First, we've been going through SmashYourFood, an app that lets you smash food on your iPad to assess its nutritional value. Our kids are hearing about red, yellow, and green light foods, but seeing a can of soda get squished and give up its nutritional secrets seems like an interesting way to learn about sugar, fat, and salts.

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We've also done a bit of research on juicing and found this great article about which one to buy. Although the one recommended in the post is $280, they also suggest a smaller, cheaper one for $99, the Lequip Mini Model 110 with proper pulp ejector. Seeing as how you can eat a full day's servings of greens in a few minutes with the right juicer -- and you can call the juices "smoothies," thereby reducing the ick factor -- it makes a lot of sense to have one of these in the kitchen.

We've also stopped buying soda -- and soda water -- and settled on Sodastream, a CO2 system that lets you carbonate regular tab water with a small, self-contained gas canister. You can make 60 liters of soda with one canister, and if you simply must have a flavored drink, you can add syrups or juice for a lighter, healthier drink.

Finally, we have the tweeting, wireless scale from Withings. That's right: This crazy scale will tweet your current weight to the world -- or to your friends -- every time you step on it. It can also store your weight over time to tell you if you're going up or down and, paired with a device like a Fitbit, it's a great way to keep track of your vital statistics. We've even given my older son a Fitbit so he can see how much he runs, jumps, and climbs during his playground sojourns.

Eating healthy is definitely hard, but thankfully there are a few gadgets and apps that help us keep tabs of what we're putting into our bodies -- and reminding us when it's time to put down the Coke.

Would you turn to technology to get your kids to eat their vegetables and put down the junk food?


Image via Food 'N' Me

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