Angry Birds Movie & TV Show Will Get Your Kids Even More Obsessed (VIDEO)

angry birdsHave you gotten completely hooked on Angry Birds yet? Because it's kind of a big deal right now, just in case you hadn't noticed. I don't play the game myself, but my 6-year-old son? Yeah -- he's beyond addicted. He has been ever since the first version of the game came out. And I'm hoping you won't call me the worst mother in history for thinking of Angry Birds as one of the best babysitters I've ever had. (It really is.)

On that note, I'm trying to contain my excitement over the idea of Angry Birds expanding from being an app/game to being a weekly TV series -- and eventually a movie. It's in the works, you guys -- and I can't wait.


Rovio just announced that the new Angry Birds weekly cartoon series will debut later this year, and there are already 52 episodes planned. OMG. A new Angry Birds show every single week? My son will be absolutely beside himself when I tell him the news.

While the game basically consists of slingshotting birds and killing pigs (and that's about it), the series will supposedly focus on the feelings of the birds and their anger versus watching them actually taking their aggressions out on the pigs. Hmm. Rovio was able to come up with 52 different shows on those topics alone? Geez. Maybe they should think about designing an app that offers anger management classes or couples' therapy.

The Angry Birds movie won't come out 'til 2015, but that's ok. I don't see the craze and obsession with the birds ceasing to exist anytime soon. As long as Rovio keeps coming up with new versions of the app to feed gamers' pig killing addiction, the movie debut should do pretty well at the box office.

Take a look at the video clip below to hear more about the latest version of the game, Angry Birds Space.


Will you watch the new Angry Birds series? Will you let your kids see it?


Image via Denis Dervisevic/Flickr

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