World's Longest Kickball Game Goes on for Days & Totally Pays Off (VIDEO)

longest kickball game

Depressed you didn't win the Mega Millions this weekend? Then you could probably use a friendly dose of inspiration as you trudge into the office today (I know I could). A game of kickball, which lasted 345 innings with both teams raising money for cancer, that took place this weekend might do the trick!

Two teams began playing Friday morning and stopped on Sunday, culminating 54 total hours of playtime. It even set a Guinness World Record -- and it was all for a great cause. The game in Naugatuck was played in honor of two local children who survived cancer, and together they raised more than $45,000 for cancer research.


They broke the previous record that lasted 51 hours. Twenty-one people were on each team, and players came out from as far away as Atlanta and New Hampshire to take part in this historic game. What an amazing group of people!

Here's some footage from the kickball game:

It's so refreshing to see everyday folks come together to support a really great cause. Can you imagine having to play (or watch!) a game of kickball for a solid 54 hours?? Talk about dedication.

The score was 164-117 when the game was finally called to an end. But the final score didn't matter in the slightest. So many people showed up to cheer on the two teams and support the two local children who had to face such a terrible disease. Let's hope other folks become inspired and start organizing the next 60-hour game to raise funds for cancer research. What better way to spend your weekend than getting outside, breaking a world record, and raising money for an awesome cause!

Does the world's longest kickball game for cancer research inspire you?


Image via curesearchccf/YouTube

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