Website Made of Real Bacon Is Lip-Licking Fun! (VIDEO)

Bacon website

I'm not super into sports, but I am SUPER into bacon and all things techtastic. Which is exactly why I am a huge fan of the sports website today! You won't believe it: It's FILLED with pork fat. Literally!

Yup, head on over to the Bleacher Report today, and with a simple click of a button, you can switch out the classic web styling to a bacon-draped version. Can you say scrumptious!?

The bacon stunt is a promo for Kraft Homestyle's latest creation, sharp cheddar and bacon. According to mashable, the goal is to show that EVERYTHING including websites go with bacon, not just Kraft's creations.

How krafty! I like. The best part? This isn't virtual fake bacon. With the help of two bacon chefs (jealous) -- the people at Kraft actually made a replica of the site on a tabletop and did the layout by hand using 1,000 tender strips. Watch the whole project on film, here:


How cool, right? Shoot, imagine if some of your fave websites were adorned with bacon, like Facebook and Twitter. It would be so much more fun to head over there. The only problem? I'd PROBABLY be hungry 95 percent of the time I look at my newsfeed. The only way this could get better if it were, say, ice cream scoops. Noooowwww we're talkin'!

What do you think of the bacontastic version of


Image via Bleacher Report

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