Washington Wizards Player With $10,000 to Kill on Lotto Tickets Is No Winner

Chris SingletonNot only is it us everyday folk who are jumping on the record-breaking $640 million lottery pot, sports stars, like Chris Singleton, a Washington Wizards rookie, wants a chance at the major prize too. But he kind of has an advantage, as he has $10,000 to blow on lottery tickets.

See? Athletes, they're just like us ...? Kind of makes a $10 pool at work seem pathetic, doesn't it.

I'm sure you, like the rest of the world, have played the "What Would I Do if I Won the Lottery" game. And to win $640 million, well ... that's just an obscene amount of money. Mind-blowing. The stuff fantasies are made of. But is it kind of sad that I'm hoping someone like Singleton doesn't win the big bucks?


If you want to know, Singleton's salary for 2012 is a measly (compared to $640 million, I guess) $1,485,000. Sports stars, already making millions playing a game they love, dropping five figures on lottery tickets to take the chances away from us 9-5'ers ticks me off a little bit.

I know, I know -- certainly Singleton has every right to spend his money how he sees fit and invest some of that salary so he doesn't have to play a game of basketball ever again. I'm sure he plays the "What Would I Do if I Won the Lottery" game too, and he's not the only athlete tweeting about picking up some tickets. But needless to say, I'm not going to be all that pleased if it's him who wins.

It always makes me feel good to see some everyday person with a 9-5 job and five kids to feed who had nothing but a hope and a prayer and $5 extra to spend win the big prize. I hope it's someone we've never heard of who is super-appreciative and can give back to his or her loved ones and community, not a sports star who can afford to blow $10,000 on lotto tickets.

Then again, I'm also really hoping it's one of my very generous friends or family members too ... someone's gotta win eventually, right? We'll have to wait until tonight at 11 p.m. tonight to find out!

What would you do if you won the $640 million prize?


Image via Mark Tegethoff/Wikimedia Commons

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