Shocking Cincinnati Bengals Sex Scandal Is Not What You Think (VIDEO)

bengalsWow. What's the deal with all the sex scandals involving the world of football these days? After the whole Jerry Sandusky thing went down, I kind of figured we'd heard the last of sexual acts involving minors for a while. Or maybe "hoped" is a better term, considering just how awful that situation was.

Unfortunately a new scandal has just popped up involving a member of the Cincinnati Bengals -- but shockingly it's not a player or coach who had allegedly had sex with someone who was under age. This time, there are accusations against a Ben-Gals cheerleader. A cheerleader? Really? And did I mention that she's the captain of the squad?


Sarah Jones is the woman in question, and she could face up to five years in prison after being indicted for first-degree sexual abuse. She is accused of having sex with one of her students when she was a teacher at a high school in Kentucky. UGH. When are these Mary Kay Letourneau types going to learn that making sexual advances towards a student is completely unacceptable -- and against the law? You'd think that common sense would take over in the heat of the moment for crying out loud!

At only 26 years old, Sarah can probably go ahead and kiss her cheerleading career goodbye. The last thing the NFL needs is someone involved in a scandal like this jumping up and down on the sidelines with a couple of pom-poms. What on earth was she thinking?

And this isn't the first time Sarah has been in the news. In 2009, she sued the website for putting up unflattering pictures of her and claiming she'd had sex with Bengals players -- and had STDs. You think she would've learned something from that experience, right?

This kind of behavior is surprising no matter who engages in it, but seeing it come from a cheerleader just seems so much more shocking to me, probably because they always seem so positive and happy -- like they've got it made. Huh. I guess appearances are even more deceiving than we think sometimes.

You can hear more about the scandal in the video clip below.

Are you shocked after hearing the accusations against Sarah Jones?


Image via fujimatt/Flickr 

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