5 April Fools' Day Tech Pranks Guaranteed to Make Your Victims CRAZY

April 1 is right around the corner, and not only does that mean it's a great time to buy, like, five hundred bags of those insanely addictive candy-coated chocolate mini eggs, you should be thinking ahead to the epic April Fools' Day prank you're going to pull off. You know how you always think of the perfect gag ... on April 2? This is your year to do it right, my friend.

Just like last year, I've got a list of 5 diabolical tech pranks for any deserving person in your life. Ready to send someone's productivity straight into the toilet—and possibly set yourself up for some unpleasant retaliation?

If you've got the cojones, I've got the pranks. Let's do this thing.


Cause some computer chaos. ThinkGeek has a wicked little device called the Phantom Keystroker that's well worth its $10 price tag. Plug it into your victim's USB port and sit back to enjoy the show as the device periodically makes random mouse movements, toggles caps-lock, and types out odd garbage text and phrases. You can even set the duration between attacks in order to prolong the agony!

Create a language barrier. Here's an evil trick to play on your Mac-loving friends: you can easily switch the language of their keyboard input. Oh, that urgent email needs to go out before 4 p.m.? Too bad they can't seem to type anything but Arabic! Just go to System Preferences and click Language & Text. Click the Input Sources tab, choose an exotic new language, and you'll see a flag icon appear at the top righthand side of the desktop next to the battery indicator. Click the flag to switch to the new language, then remove the check next to ‘Show Input menu in menu bar’ back in the System Preferences window to hide the evidence of your work.

Set up some obnoxious auto-corrections. In Microsoft Word, click Tools, then AutoCorrect. Here is where you can specify certain words to be automatically replaced by other words. Are you seeing the potential with this? I knew you could.


Design a dummy desktop. This one's an oldie but a goodie: Start by minimizing all windows and capture a screenshot of your victim's desktop. Save the file and set it as the desktop background. Next, hide all the actual icons—move them into a folder, or unselect "Show Desktop Icons" on a PC. Voila! Your hapless mark will be clicking away like crazy, but ha ha HAAAA, nothing will happen.

Prank call their phone. Okay, this one's just freaking hilarious. PrankDial.com lets you pick from a bunch of different pre-recorded pranks, enter someone's phone number, and even customize where the call is coming from. I tried it myself the other day and sent the You Kick My Dog message to my husband—it's a heavily-accented voice that starts out saying, "Hello? I was just calling because I live down the street from you ... and your daughter come to my house today and she kick my dog." It worked perfectly, and I'm still laughing about it more than week later.

Happy April Fooling!

Image via Flickr/tmab2003

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