Piers Morgan's Feud With Madonna on Twitter Is Totally Childish

madonnaWhat's better for ratings than having Madonna on your talk show? How about banning her from it and then rubbing it in her face on Twitter? That's what Piers Morgan seems to think at least. For some crazy, unknown reason, the CNN star has been bickering with the Material Girl's manager, Guy Oseary via tweets.

Last night, he tweeted @ Madge, "Welcome to Twitter. You're still banned from my show. Love Piers X." Huh?? To that, Oseary responded, "Really?" and attached a copy of a letter that Piers sent to Madonna requesting that she appear on his U.K. talk show. So Piers fired back, "Madonna has only been banned from my CNN show, not my UK show, which sent that invite. But I'm now banning her from that too."

Anyone else feel like they're "following" a grade school recess showdown?


What the heck is it about social media that brings out the most immature, childish, taunting bully-like behavior? On what planet would Piers think it was cute or funny, entertaining, or even appropriate to get into this kind of convo through tweets? You know, it's just plain unprofessional. Of them both!

As ludicrous as it was, Oseary could have ignored Piers initial tweet. The two of 'em could have gotten into it through their executive assistants. Taken it offline. That seems like it would have made a lot more sense ... and it probably would have saved both parties a lot of embarrassment. They should be embarrassed.

Funny enough, Madge actually gets to walk away from this unscathed, because she wasn't directly involved in the Twitter battle! Also, you think it's really any skin off her back if she can't sit down with Piers? Pfft. Like she cares. In the end, the only one who really looks like a fool is Piers. He may not think he needs Madonna for ratings, fine, but he could probably use one thing: His reputation, easily tarnished by Twitter.

Does this "Twitter feud" turn you off of Piers Morgan or Madonna?


Image via David Shankbone/Flickr

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