Dennis Rodman Is in the Spotlight for the Saddest Reason

dennis rodmanSigh. Dennis Rodman has landed himself in the spotlight again this week, but it's not because he dyed his hair some wacky color or had a 5-second marriage or anything like that.

Nope -- Dennis is in the news because he could possibly go to jail for not paying over $800,000 in child support to his ex-wife, Michelle. In addition to the court papers she filed for the unpaid child support for their two kids, she is also claiming that he owes her $51,441 in spousal support. Hmm. That's a lotta dough. 


And according to Rodman's lawyer, it doesn't sound like Michelle is going to get her money anytime soon. He insists that his client "is broke and cannot afford any additional fees." But if Dennis doesn't come up with the funds to pay Michelle, then he could spend 20 days in jail.

The attorney also stated that Dennis is "extremely sick," which Rodman's rep clarified to mean that he's still struggling with alcoholism.

Isn't it sad when professional athletes let their lives take a downward turn? You'd think that they'd realize they have it made and not get sucked into addictive behaviors that could ruin their careers. I mean, not everyone gets paid to play a game they love. It's amazing that they don't realize just how good they have it and opt to put down the bottle instead of throwing their entire life away.

I guess we'll have to wait and see how Dennis's day in court plays out, but it really doesn't sound like this story is going to have a positive outcome, regardless of what the judge decides.

Do you think Dennis will wind up going to jail?


Image via OPEN Sports/Flickr

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