Newborn Parenting Lesson: Babies Need Gadgets Too

The latest addition to the Gadget Dad family, Guthrie, was born on March 8, and the wife and I have spent the past few weeks brushing up on our neonatal parenting skills. Aside from the obvious stuff - remembering where we put him, changing him once a day or two, and avoiding habanero jack cheese in his diet for the first four days - we've discovered that in the three years since we last had a little one, a lot has changed in the world of parental gadgets.

For example, when our first son was born six years ago, we had a the Quinny Buzz, a self-expanding pneumatic stroller that looked like something out of Wall-E. Now that stroller has been supplanted by City Minis, Bugaboos of all description, and one of the most amazing strollers I've seen to date. Read on for the gadgets that have made this birth happier and at least more gadget-rich.


Compared to the 4Moms Origami, the Quinny Buzz looks like a bear trap. The Origami is the world's first self-folding stroller. With the turn of a knob and the touch of a button, the entire thing folds flat, ready for storage. The Origami is available now and comes with a large baby seat. An optional adapter makes it compatible with most Graco car seats.

I recorded a video of the Origami and will do a review for this site, but rest assured this is one of the most high-tech strollers I've seen. It measures distance walked and speed, has a sensor so it doesn't snap shut on junior, and can charge your smartphone on the go. The two cup holders near the handle are gravy on the potatoes.

Next we discovered the Lorex Baby Video Monitor, a night-vision camera that lets you view the wee one live in his or her crib. You can connect the camera to Skype and keep an eye on things remotely, although if you're looking for remote viewing, I'd recommend the DropCam instead.

Also we learned that babies now wear bandanas. Who knew?

Another fine gadget was the Comotomo bottle. This rounded container is shaped like Mommy's you-knows and is made almost entirely out of soft silicone rubber. I forgot they were squishy at first and squirted the squirt with quite a bit of formula.

Finally, we learned that most moms aren't using soap on their kids and that Johnson's Baby Wash is a big no-no. Is that a thing? What do you use to wash baby? Let me know in the comments.

When it's all said and done, however, we're definitely not doing this weird bird feeding thing that Alicia Silverstone is doing. The more things change... 

What baby gadgets can you not live without?


Images via 4Moms, Lorex

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