Mark Sanchez Isn't Intimidated by Tim Tebow -- Yeah, Right! (VIDEO)

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Hmm. It seems kind of funny that the only person who isn't making a big hoopla over Tim Tebow's press conference yesterday is the New York Jets' (other) quarterback Mark Sanchez. If anything, he's being kind of cocky about the whole deal and acting like Tebow joining the team doesn't bother him one bit. (Ok, sure.)

And while he didn't attend the big press conference yesterday to give his new teammate a warm welcome, he did still sing Tim Tebow's praises, calling him a "great player and great competitor who is going to be a great teammate."

Huh. Sure sounds like the beginning of a beautiful bromance to me. Because Sanchez isn't intimidated by Tebow at all. Like not even a little bit. Yeah. That's about as believable as someone claiming Tim's not a Christian.


Mark Sanchez has gotta be shakin' in his boots right about now. Because Tim Tebow has suddenly become the new poster child for the Jets and we're still months away from the start of football season. And even though he insists that the team is "adding another player and not replacing anybody," the thought of losing his job has surely popped into his mind on more than one occasion.

For the most part, the city of New York really seems to be embracing Tebow. And even if Mark Sanchez does begin the season as the starting quarterback, he's gotta be smart enough to realize that the crowd in the stadium will erupt into chants of "Tebow, Tebow!" the minute he throws his first interception. No pressure, Mark. No pressure at all.

Check out this video clip from Tim Tebow's press conference yesterday to hear more about him joining the Jets.

Do you think Mark Sanchez's job is at risk?


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