Tim Tebow or Mark Sanchez: Who's the Hotter Jets Quarterback?

Tim Tebow Mark Sanchez
Who'd you rather?

Well, the New York Jets made it officially official today with a press conference introducing Tim Tebow as a J-E-T to the world. And now, let the media circus commence!

But let's not forget that Tim Tebow is sharing quarterbacking duties with fellow hottie Mark Sanchez. It seems as if Tebow, 24, and Sanchez, 25, make up the best-looking (and youngest, wow do I feel old) quarterback tandem in the NFL.

So, regardless of statistics and passes thrown and games won and boring football stuff, let's get down to what's really important: Which quarterback is hotter?


Of course, if you like the tall, dark, handsome type, Mark Sanchez is your man. He's got a great body and smoldering gaze, which clearly have worked for many women. From Kate Upton to Kristen Cavallari, rumors about Sanchez' very liberal love life have provided lots of tabloid fodder. You can't help but be smitten with this very sexy Mexican American.

On the other hand, if you're looking for an all-American boy, Tim Tebow's probably your guy. With great values and a strong faith, biceps that last for days, piercing blue eyes, and a model-esquse smile, Tim will probably have women in the tristate area flocking to him wherever he goes. He can most definitely hold his own standing next to someone as hot as Sanchez.

Who can say football Sundays are boring now when you know the cameras will be constantly zoning in on these two? No matter your type, I can't wait to see how these two will interact as the season marches on. As well as many candid photos of them working out.

Here's Tim Tebow at his press conference, happy to be joining a fellow stud in arms the New York Jets.

Do you think Mark Sanchez or Tim Tebow is hotter?


Images via Clemed/Ed Yourdon/Wikimedia Commons

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