'Geometric Porn' Game Is Way Too Hot for Your Phone (VIDEO)

The question is this: can a bunch of simple shapes be considered pornographic? Apple apparently thinks so, because they rejected London-based visual artist Luciano Foglia's app on the basis that it contains "excessively objectionable or crude content."

You could argue, as Foglio does, that the app contains non-explicit representations of ideas. That it features interactive abstract art rather than overtly sexual images.

Of course, the name of the app itself is sort of a giveaway: Geometric Porn. As for how it looks … well, let's just say I never knew rectangles, triangles, diamonds, and circles could be SO INCREDIBLY DIRTY.


At its most basic level, the Geometric Porn app simply lets you move geometric shapes around the screen. Where it differs from the thousand-plus shape manipulation games aimed at the preschool crowd, however, lies in the various sex acts the shapes appear to be representing.

Apple banned the app by stating that it wasn't in compliance with the App Store Review Guidelines. Foglia argues that the game "does not show any sexual or erotical image. It's totally photography free. It's a game of optical art created for the allusion of the erotic."

What do you think? Here's a video of the app doing its thing (warning: this video of the Geometric Porn app contains ... geometric porn):

Whew! Yes indeed, those appear to be some naughty shapes getting themselves into a variety of adult situations. I'm not sure which made me blush more, the lollipop-like thing going in the, ah, triangle, or the white lines that emerge when the phone is, um, jerked.

It makes for an interesting argument—is it definitively true that these shapes are pornographic, or is it all about interpretation? It certainly looks porny to me, but maybe I just have a dirty mind! It's just math, after all!

Honestly, I can see both sides. But if Foglio's intent was to get people talking about his art and ultimately create a little publicity for himself, why, you could almost say that Apple's rejection was exactly the money shot he was looking for.

What's your take on this app? Legitimate porn, or all in the eye of the beholder?

Image via Vimeo

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