Dad Loses Deceased Daughter's Sweet Voicemail Thanks to Cellphone Company

cell phoneSo, here's something heartbreaking to get you going this Monday morning. A father lost the only voicemail he had from his deceased 14-year-old daughter -- a voicemail he listened to a couple times a week -- thanks to his cellphone carrier.

Here's how it all went down: Last month, Faron Butler joined a free trial of a messaging service offered by T-Mobile. After he did, the voicemail was erased without as much as a warning. Awful. Butler is convinced that the company actually can receive the extremely touching message -- where his daughter says: "Daddy, I love you and I miss you." And you know what? I do, too.


Now, by no means do I claim to be the savviest of tech folks, but I find it hard to believe that a seriously high-tech company like T-Mobile -- a company worth bajillions of dollars -- doesn't have the resources to retrieve a voicemail. What if this were the missing link in a murder case? Would they really not be able to get that voicemail back? Chris Crew, Butler's attorney, is under the assumption that the "failure to retrieve the voicemail" is really code for "T-Mobile not wanting to go through the rigmarole/spend the money." Which seems completely plausible to me. And even if that's not the case, why didn't Butler get a warning at the very least?

Every time we get new phones or partake in an upgrade of some sort, it seems like our voicemails and pictures are always in jeopardy -- and that sucks. And that shouldn't be the case. Phones are evolving at the speed of light. Isn't there something that will protect these (important) things of ours? And if not, is it so much to ask to be forewarned?

Hopefully, Butler will get that precious voicemail from his daughter back. If not, this is truly a tragedy.

Do you think T-Mobile has the ability to retrieve Butler's voicemail?

Image via Dmitri N./Flickr

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