Give Up Sex for the Internet? SURE!

couple on laptop in bedWhat did we do before the Internet? It's a question we pretty much ask ourselves on a daily basis, whether we're using it for Wikipedia, Facebook, or uh ... getting freaky with our bad selves to some X-rated videos. But there was a time when you had to do all of the activities associated with those kinds of sites in person. You had to actually read an encyclopedia, say "Happy birthday!" to a friend in person or on the phone, and well, either watch a VHS, look at a magazine, or hmm ... actually have sex!

But people, at this point, we are so far gone that news flash: Some of us would give up sex for the Internet! Oh man, here we go again ...


The Boston Consulting Group surveyed about 1,000 people in the G-20 countries, asking them what lifestyle habit they would sacrifice for one year to keep the Internet. As it turned out, 21 percent of Americans would forgo sex in order to keep the Internet on for a year. Fifty-six percent in Japan would abstain from sex, and Brazilians -- well, you know those hot, sexy Brazilians! Only 12 percent were into the idea. Go figure.

Kinda hilarious, but at the same time, not really much of a surprise. Also, hello, didn't anyone think of the fact that perhaps the people voting for the Internet over sex are still into the Internet ... for PORN? Forget gossip blogs and email -- XXX content is still the #1 reason people are online! So, if you give up sex, you can still get it online. Sneaky people!

So, here's what we have learned today, kids: People love sex -- online or off. They're also addicted to the web. And next time, the researchers should strive to study something we don't know.

Are you surprised by these findings? Which would you rather give up -- the web or sex?

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