Oldest Cheerleader Says Breast Implants Make or Break Friendships in the Locker Room (VIDEO)

cincinnati ben-galsHuh. Just when I thought I'd truly heard it all as far as competition between women goes, I read about Laura Vikmanis, the NFL's oldest cheerleader (she's an ancient 43), and her account of what is putting a divide between women in the locker room these days. Apparently their breasts have segregated them into separate classes. For reals?!

Laura is writing a memoir about her journey cheering for the Cincinnati Bengals, and the boob differences of her squad-mates actually served as fodder for her. I guess you have to take inspiration wherever you can get it while penning a book.


She said that there are two noticeable groups of women in the locker room: the real boobs and the fake boobs. And she also added that the real girls often think about trying to be like the fake girls.

Wait a minute -- is this a cheerleading team, or a group of high school girls trying to compete to be the most popular in their senior class? Because that's pretty much what it sounds like.

There have been so many times that I've wondered what it would be like to be a professional cheerleader, and I'll even admit that I've envied their perfectly tan and fit bodies on more than one occasion too. I always figured it would be so much fun to get paid to travel and jump up and down and do flips at football games.

But I've never really given the difference between fake and real boobs a second thought until now. Who knew that something so trivial could actually be a reason for grown women to form cliques? Hmm. Maybe being an NFL cheerleader isn't such a glamorous life after all.

But despite the pressure over the boob debate, Laura's definitely made a great career for herself. You can hear more about her story in the video clip below. It's actually pretty inspirational!

Did you ever have dreams of being an NFL cheerleader?


Image via Andy Lyons/Getty

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