Tattoo That Vibrates When Your Phone Rings Sounds Like a Total Nightmare

people addicted to their cellphonesAs if it weren't bad enough that we have our cellphones in our face or blowin' up every five seconds with a new text, email, or voicemail, if Nokia has their way, we'll never be without our digital leash. Because it will be embedded in our skin. Oh. No. This is not science fiction.

Nokia Corp. has filed a patent with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for a tattoo that would send "a perceivable impulse" to your skin whenever someone tries to contact you on the phone. The phone would communicate with the tattoo via magnetic waves (like Bluetooth). The tattoo, in essence, acts as a receiver, and whenever someone calls, you'll get a response you can feel on your skin. Excuuuuse me? 


And oh my, get this: Just like you can customize a ringtone for each caller right now, you'd be able to set a preference for what kind of "feeling" you'd get depending on who is trying to get in touch. So, mother-in-law makes your skin itch, while mother makes your skin tingle ...

Is it just me or is this patent creepy ... as ... hell? First of all, I can't even imagine the possible health consequences of this. I wonder if the kind of ink that Nokia suggests using -- ferromagnetic ink (which includes compounds such as iron or iron oxide) -- could be toxic? And how might your body react to constantly receiving magnetic waves?

What's more, this is the last thing anyone on this planet needs. Another way to be hopelessly chained to calls, texts, emails 24/7? Nooo. We already forget to look up from our phones or iPads while walking or, worse yet, driving! We already get distracted in the middle of dinner by "bblllling, bllling"-ing notifications. In other words, it's already out of control. With people having their damn phones tattooed into their skin would likely make that problem, oh, I don't know, 1,000 times worse?

Thankfully, Nokia has suggested a "less invasive" alternative: A magnetic receiver you could wear on your skin like a sticker. Grrreat. Definitely less sci-fi horrific, but still a step in the wrong direction. When it comes to our addicting devices, we need to be cutting the cord ... not making it stronger.

Would you ever get a tattoo like this?

Image via Phil Campbell/Flickr

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