Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Tebowie’ Puts Tebow & Manning’s Woes to Hilarious Song (VIDEO)

TebowieWho could possibly forget Tebowie, one of Jimmy Fallon's most iconic characters -- a strange, unlikely mix of Tim Tebow and David Bowie. Fallon was decked out in a Ziggy Stardust outfit (with Tebow's #15 jersey), then he sang the lyrics to "Ziggy Stardust" about Tebow's woes with Peyton Manning. This obviously came out before Tebow's trade to the New York Jets was official, but it's still totally, completely awesome and appropriate.

Why? Because of lyrics like this: “Tebow prayed to God, begging him to smite the Mannings and find him a job. Just not on the Lions, but maybe the Giants, have him and Eli switch, oh payback is a bitch,” sang Tebowie, rocking out to his most genius lyrics yet. You'll have to watch the video to get the full effect.


Wow, as Tebowie sings, the lyrics simply get more and more profound, don't you think? "Peyton was a Colt ... spent a year on the bench. While he was sitting, Tim Tebow was winning. Tebowing was the craze. Everything was going great. Then came John Elway ... They replaced him with Peyton. Tebow got screwed in the back door and he's a virgin no more."

Pretty sure a lot of people feel this way about the Broncos and Tebow, that Manning didn't play for the whole season Tebow took his team to the playoffs, and ended up getting screwed by the Broncos. Only Tebowie could put our feelings into words in such an enlightening (and hilarious) manner.

Let's hope for more Tebowie as the summer goes on ... who cares if we're still in the off-season! Keep on rocking, Tebowie.

What do you think of Tebowie's newest song?

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