'Mad Men Yourself' Game Lets You Become a Boozy, Chain-Smoking Philanderer

The much-anticipated two-hour premiere of Mad Men is just around the corner (Sunday night, you guys!), but if you're feeling impatient to revisit the world of glamour, drama, infidelity, booze, spiritual ennui, and, of course, those ever-present cigarettes, there's always the option of transforming yourself into a character from the show.

Not only does the Mad Men Yourself website help you create a perfectly era-appropriate cartoon version of you (with all the accessories you might possibly want, including beverage, shotgun, and accordion), the artwork is formatted so you can use it as a Twitter avatar, iPhone background, or desktop image.

Cute idea ... and smart social media move.


The Man Men Yourself site has been around for a few years, but it's been updated in preparation for the new season. As before, you can build your own character, starting with the custom body shapes, facial features, and hairstyles—and there's now a new and improved selection of clothing, accessories, and backgrounds based on classic early Mad Men episodes. Everything's done in illustrator Dyna Moe's awesome retro style, and draws from familiar storylines, characters, and moods from the show.

You start by selecting if you're a suit or a skirt, and the site walks you through a super-easy process of picking out the features you want. Here's what I came up with for myself:

Now, granted, this is the version of me that includes styled hair (a rarity), a dress instead of jeans (ha!), and a remarkably gravity-resistant set of knockers (I wish), but please note that I did add a donut for authenticity. Sure, it might be a stretch to depict myself as someone who wears heels and carries a snappy red purse, but the sugary carbohydrate I'm sure to regret later? That's all me, baby!

The cool thing is that the site doesn't make you sign in or anything like that to get your image, it's a simple download once you're done.

Brilliantly, AMC gives you a few options that are custom-designed for sharing—you can put your avatar on your iPhone or your computer desktop, but you can also use it as your Twitter or Facebook avatar. Fans get their own unique personal icon, while Mad Men gets some not-so-subtle promotion. Everybody wins!

Have you tried Mad Men Yourself? If so, does your avatar actually look like you?


Image via Mad Men Yourself

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