Man Flies Using Homemade Bird Wings and Makes Our Childhood Dreams Come True (VIDEO)

custome-made bird wingsWhen you were a kid, did you tape kites to your arms and try to fly from the tree house to the garage only to end up in the backseat of an ambulance with a broken arm and a tooth through your bottom lip? If so, let me just go ahead and tell you that a Dutch man has made our childhood dreams come true. Jarno Smeets spent eight months perfecting his custom-made bird wings and the results are breathtaking. On wings that weigh a total of 2.3 pounds, Smeet was able to fly like a goddamn eagle for 60 seconds before gracefully gliding back down to Earth. You have to see it to believe it.


The authenticity of this video is in question, but I'm a believer. Of all the children, in all the world, who duct taped Snoopy kites to their biceps, I believe that at least one of them was able to grow up to do it right. If my phone can answer my verbal questions and direct me to the nearest Wendy's, then this bird wing design is totally plausible. He's a giant, human butterfly and it's magical.

What do you think??


Photo via jarnosmeets80/YouTube

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