Only 3 Dating Sites Are Concerned for Your Safety -- Which Ones?

wall-eEve and Wall-E are safe ... but are you?I met my husband before online dating became super pervasive, so I really don't have much -- okay, any -- experience with it. For whatever reason, though, I always assumed it was safe. Unlike the tales that have been burned into my mind of people getting raped, robbed, and assaulted via Craigslist hook-ups, mostly everything I've heard about online dating has seemed, well, perfectly cool -- save for a few crappy date stories, of course.

Apparently, I was wrong, though. I mean, obviously, now that I think about it. In light of a lawsuit that was brought on by a woman who was raped by a man she met on last year, three dating websites are now screening prospective members for histories of sexual assault, violence, and identity theft. Sheesh, it's about time.


Match, eHarmony, and Spark Networks have all signed an agreement to vet their clients before letting them log on. This way, their other clients -- their normal clients -- can feel safe and like they're not going to get stabbed on the walk back to the car. Sounds good.

Honestly, though, I'm pretty surprised that this hasn't been in order since the start. I get that it's a big, costly undertaking -- and giant companies can't be responsible for every aspect of their clientele's life -- but still. We're talking a matter of danger and safety here. And their name is kind of on the line.

Whatever, though. I guess the past is the past, and what we should focus on is the fact that these dating sites -- three of them, at least -- are taking steps to make their business more safe now. Hopefully, it'll give people more confidence and assurance when logging on. But more so, hopefully it'll keep the creepos at bay.

Have you ever dabbled in online dating? Thoughts?


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