Sexy One-Armed Pole Dancer Stuns Audiences With Strength (VIDEO)

one-armed pole dancerApparently there's pole dancing, and then there's ... pole dancing. Meaning there's the kind of thing you'd expect to find at a place called Bada Bing's and then there's ... the kind of thing you find at the International Pole Championship. The latter is considered "pole art," and it's both aesthetically and athletically spectacular

Especially when Deborah Roach is on the pole. Which is why the Australian won first place in her division at last week's Championship. Oh, did I mention she only has one arm?


You'd think two arms would be an advantage for a pole dancer. The fact that Roach managed to win with just one arm is a testament to her strength -- both of body and character.

Roach grew up feeling like she didn't belong in "normal" society. As a teen she found acceptance in the Goth scene, dancing in clubs; later she was inspired by a circus act to try pole-dancing and aerial acrobatics.

Which was probably the last place anyone would have expected her to flourish -- and that's why the fact that she's made it this far is so amazing! What she says about her path thus far is incredibly inspiring:

"I have always loved dancing but as a child and teen with low self esteem I believed that aesthetic and athletic pursuits were not for me, not for my 'different' body ... Luckily as an adult, I learned to challenge my assumptions."

Goal for the day year: Learn to challenge my assumptions.

Are you amazed by Deborah Roach's strength and skill?

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