Happy Birthday, Twitter -- in More Than 140 Characters!

Twitter's 6th birthdayEveryone break out the bubbly and your fave party hat from children's parties past -- it's time to celebrate. No no, The Stir's birthday was last week. Today, it's Twitter's turn! Yup, the popular social networking site and commonplace of celebrity idiocracies turns a whopping 6 years old today! QUICK, go send them a birthday tweet, STAT!

In honor of Twitter's 6th birthday, I've put together a little Twitter by the numbers for y'all. Starting with 532,472,989: the amount of registered accounts on the popular site at the time this post was published. Shoot! That's 150 million MORE than the population of the United States.

Intrigued? As you should be. Click on for more Twitter birthday fun:


140: The amount of characters allowed in a tweet. Why? I'll never understand.

36: Active Stir writers, freelancers, and editors on the site.

10,000,000,000: The estimated value of the company. Holy shit.

18: The amount of months it took Twitter to acquire 500,000 users.

75: Percent of traffic that comes to Twitter from third-party apps.

25: Billion tweets sent on twitter in 2010.

60: Billion tweets were sent out in 2011.

5: The amount of characters in Twitter's original code name, Twttr.

835: Number of employees that work for Twitter.

21: Million users the most popular tweeter, Lady Gaga, has.

Are you a fan of Twitter? Will you be tweeting today on their 6th birthday?

Image via Black Heart Cases/Flickr

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