You're Not a True 'Hunger Games' Fan Until You Can Get Into the Capitol

panem dipYou've read the books. You've got tickets to see the movie this weekend. You've got Josh Hutcherson up as your desktop wallpaper. But you are not a true Hunger Games fan yet. Nope. Not yet. You still need to do one important thing: Join The Capitol Network.

Oh yeah, it's time to take this to the next level. You need to mosey your bow and arrow-toting self over to The Capitol and become a citizen of Panem. You'll get your very own DIP (District Identification Pass), get assigned a district, and even get an assigned occupation -- just like you've always wanted! What else awaits you within The Capitol? Keep reading to find out.


Because in this world, it's never enough just to read the book and see the movie. You need a full online immersion. No, strike that. You need a full immersion, period. Because they've even taken this thing mobile. You see, there are apps. And games. Of course there are.

But back to The Capitol: You can watch the countdown to the 74th Hunger Games (one more day!), "meet" the District Tributes, buy Hunger Games stuff (mostly t-shirts, not Effie's gold booties, alas), become mayor of a district, track Tracker Jacker incidents (giant toxic wasps), join in discussions with the other 800,000 obsessives fans, and pretty much geek your Panem-lovin' heart out. Join your district via Facebook and you'll get all the news, videos, images, and discussions you could ever want.

Oh but there's more. So much more. Have we told you about the Capitol Couture Tumblr? And the Twitter scavenger hunt? Yeah, so this all pretty much adds up to a massive Hunger Games wormhole of time suckage. Don't get me wrong! I mean a really FUN and fascinating wormhole of time suckage. I've registered as a citizen of Panem (District 5, in the house!), but I'm almost afraid to look more for fear that I'll get absolutely nothing done the rest of the day.

Do you dare take a peek into The Capitol Network?


Image via The Capitol

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