Tim Tebow Is Making Moves on a 'Glee' Star! Hint: She's Blonde

tim tebowTim Tebow is having kind of a rough week. I mean -- no one likes to hear that their job is in jeopardy, but being potentially kicked to the curb because you've been replaced by a bigger name takes the whole getting fired thing to a new level. I guess being a great football player just isn't enough to keep you on a team these days. Apparently you need a big name to go with your game. And unfortunately for Tim, Peyton Manning's name carries a whole lot more street cred' than his does.

Where Tebow will continue his football career remains to be seen, but at least now he has something else to take the focus off the whole Denver Broncos controversy. Because now he's supposedly in the middle of a love triangle with Glee star Dianna Agron and her on-and-off-again beau, Sebastian Stan. (Don't ya love it?)


Talk of sparks between Tim and Dianna began in February after they were seen chatting at an Oscar party. You know -- because whenever celebs of the opposite sex have a conversation, it means they're probably doing it. (Eye roll.)

And now romance rumors surrounding the two are heating up even further because Dianna and Sebastian are currently on the outs again. Supposedly Tim hasn't been shy about the fact that he's interested in her, and many think now is a prime time to make his move since Stan is out of the picture.

Of course, odds are good that the last thing Tim Tebow is concerned with right now is the state of his love life. But then again, he might as well bite the bullet and go for it with Dianna. He really has nothing to lose at this point, and if nothing else, she will be a very welcome distraction from whatever is going to happen next as far as playing for the NFL goes. A love triangle may be just the thing to ease Tim's football heartbreak and give him something to feel "gleeful" about.

Do you think that Dianna Agron and Tim Tebow are a good match?


Image via Jason Merritt/Getty

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