Peyton Manning Picks the Broncos: What Does This Mean for Tim Tebow? (VIDEO)

tim tebowIn a move that completely broke the hearts of die-hard Tennessee fans everywhere, Peyton Manning has made the choice to pack up and head for the Mile High city, as the newest member of the Denver Broncos. As someone who is both a Broncos fan and a University of Tennessee alum, I'm not quite sure how to feel about this.

But what's done is done, which means it's time to take the focus off Peyton Manning and answer the bigger question of just what exactly this means for Tim Tebow. Have the Broncos really had their fill of Tebowing yet?


Maybe. The general consensus seems to be that Denver will likely trade Tebow to another team in order to allow Manning to be their new superstar. Heck -- the hashtags #FreeTebow and #TradeTebow are even trending on Twitter right now. But if he does get traded, where will he go? There are a few different possibilities that make sense.

Jacksonville Jaguars - Many people are guessing that the Jaguars are already drooling over the thought of bringing Tim back to his home state of Florida. Plenty of loyal Gators fans would love to see him play there; plus, he'd only be about an hour away from his old high school playing field.

New England Patriots - The offensive coordinator for NE is the same dude who drafted Tim to the Broncos in 2010, and Bill Belichick seems to admire Tim's game. OMG. Can you imagine him on a team with Tom Brady?

Tennessee Titans - How sweet would it be if the Titans scooped up Tebow, and then he turned that team into some sort of powerhouse and went on to beat the Broncos next season? That would be kind of awesome.

Reality TV - Yes, I'm serious. Chris Harrison said that Tim would be awesome as The Bachelor. Maybe he should just take a few months off and go fall in love and then worry about football after that. If you aren't convinced, take a look at the video clip below. How adorable would he be passing out roses instead of footballs?

And here's a report on the big news about Peyton Manning's decision:

Where do you think Tim Tebow will wind up?


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