Lamar Odom Visits Marines & Shines Light on Veterans With PTSD (VIDEO)

Lamar OdomOn Khloe & Lamar last night, Khloe may have saved her best friend from getting breast implants, but her husband Lamar Odom learned a far more important lesson. Lamar's relationship with his veteran father, Joe, has always been difficult. As they're trying to patch things up, Joe called Lamar to ask to go on vacation together, but Lamar didn't think that was a good idea, so they went out to dinner instead.

It was one of the first times Joe was able to open up to Lamar about his experiences in Vietnam, and talk about the people who he's lost. This inspired Lamar to try to understand Joe a little better, so he took the time out of his busy schedule to hang out with some amazing Marines.


Lamar came to the realization: "My father's platoon had been taken out and in order to survive he had to crawl in a foxhole that had a lot of his dead soldiers in it and hide under them ... what my father's seen, he naturally had PTSD and I had no idea."

Joe even said about his experience in Vietnam: "I'm still trying to find my way home."

So, Khloe and Lamar visited Camp Pendleton, a Marines Corps base, and met a few Marines and did some drills with them. "I can't help but to think about Joe and what he went through in Vietnam ... I think I'm starting to understand him more," Lamar said after the trip. Of course, nothing could provide better inspiration than hanging out with a few Marines for the day, the men and women putting their lives on the line for our country.

We tend to think sports stars are completely out of touch with the "real world"; they're the ones who get all the riches and fame, when it's really those in the military who are the true heroes. But, this is how the world is, and you can't take away the fact the show was spotlighting very important issues, like how PTSD affects veterans and their families. The military experience might be a stark contrast to the shallow Kardashian and sports worlds, but I'm sure the Marines truly appreciated Lamar and Khloe visiting them at Pendleton and thanking them for all that they've sacrificed.

Here's a very brief clip of Lamar visiting the camp:

What do you think of Lamar visiting Camp Pendleton and how it affected his relationship with his dad?


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