5 Ways to Plan for Your First Baby Online

pregnant laptopI wondered it when I was planning my wedding, and I'm wondering it now when I'm planning for my first child: How the hell did people do it without the Internet and technology in general?

Yeah, I guess if I had to do it, I could. But things would be a lot more difficult -- and take way longer. I know I've eschewed the digital world in the past, but seriously, it would suck planning for a baby without being able to hop online at a moment's notice. Okay, maybe it wouldn't suck, but it wouldn't be nearly as easy. 'Cause Lord knows I've been all over the Internet -- non-stop -- when planning for major milestones in life. And with good reason -- it's awesome. Here are five ways to use Facebook, apps -- and everything in between -- to plan for your first child.


1. You can easily share photos, questions, etc. on Facebook. Instead of emailing individual photos to individual people -- or, gasp, developing pictures and sticking them in the mail -- you can easily kill a million birds with one stone with Facebook. Just upload a few photos of your shower to your account, and boom, everyone who couldn't make it can see.

2. You can easily look at other people's pregnancy/baby photos on Facebook. Not to be rude, but sometimes seeing a photo or reading a status update that someone gave birth or is in labor just makes you feel better. It's kind of like, "Pfft. If she can do it, I totally can." Digital motivation.

3. Most questions answered, any time of day. You can't sleep. You have a weird pain in your left side. You think it's fine, but you're not totally sure. Instead of going for broke and ringing up your OBGYN right away, you can Google. Usually you'll find your answer quickly (of course, after having the bejeezus scared out of you via horror stories from random forums).

4. You can enlist "friends" online to help pick out a baby name. Like this brave couple did.

5. Apps, apps, and more apps. When you're pregnant with your first, you like to remember all the info you're constantly being fed -- but it's not easy, because your brain is bubbling with extra hormones. Enter apps. Anything you need to track, organize, and decipher week-to-week info is at the touch of a button on your smartphone. A little too modern? Perhaps. But it sure beats lugging around a giant binder with you all the time.

Do you use the Internet, Facebook, Twitter, apps, etc. during pregnancy?


Image via sapiensolutions/Flickr

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