Tiger Woods’ Porn Prank & More Scandals From Ex-Coach’s Tell-All (VIDEO)

TigerHis Achilles tendon might be feeling better, but Tiger Woods is suffering big time today. The scandal-plagued golfer had a doozy handed to him in the form of a tell-all book written by former swing coach Hank Haney. Hmm, I'd say The Big Miss could have been re-named the big slam ... if it wasn't for that whole tennis/golf confusion thing.

Anyhoo! I'm not exactly surprised Haney resigned from his gig with Woods back in 2010, right in the heart of the sex scandal that ended the golfer's marriage. The way the excerpts of his book read, he does not seem to have liked his famous boss at all! Just get a load of these juicy bits of backbiting about the hand that once fed him:


1. When Tiger's done eating at a restaurant, that means everyone's done. Haney says his diva client wouldn't even bother excusing himself from the table; he'd get up and walk away, expecting everyone else to follow -- whether or not they'd actually finished eating. Sounds ... douchey.

2. Speaking of restaurant food, if take-out was on the agenda, Haney says he had to do the taking out, and the paying ... for his boss' eats. The direct quote? "He seemed to think it was funny to be cheap." Ye-owch!

3. Seems food was a major problem for the Tiger. Haney claims he spent a lot of time hanging with his boss watching him eat sugar-free popsicles without ever being offered one. Aww! Even toddlers know you share your dang popsicles!

4. Haney paints Woods as kind of an ass to his fellow golfers. Rooming with devout Christian golfer Zach Johnson, Haney says he ordered the porn channel for their hotel room, then turned it on. And when it comes to Phil Mickelson, it seems Tiger likes picking on the guy's bod. Gee, what a pal.

5. And in the biggest non-surprise of all, Haney says Tiger's marriage to Elin Nordegren had problems more or less from the start. It certainly didn't help when she tried to be all supportive as a wife and suggest throwing a party to celebrate a win, only to have Tiger shoot her down with a snide "We’re supposed to win." Nothing like looking a gift horse in the mouth ... huh?

Check out more of the claims from Haney!

Tiger's slammed this book as unprofessional. Do you agree? Does Haney have the right to share these things about the famous golfer or is it uncool?


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