Helicopter Shot Commemorates March Madness -- You Won't Believe This Free Throw! (VIDEO)

helicopter basketballI'm not much of a basketball player, but even I can watch this footage of a helicopter making a basket and say, Whoa, that was quite an achievement. Yeah, that's right -- a helicopter. Like, those things with propellers that fly in the sky. A helicopter dropped a basketball right through a hoop.

Fo' real, yo! I don't know how the helicopter did it. I don't know why the helicopter did it. I don't know if the helicopter will do it again.

But I do know this is some kinda crazy world we're living in. Helicopters playing basketball!


Okay, to be fair, there was a human being in that helicopter who probably had something to do with making that shot -- from a height of 192 feet! And of course we don't know how many times the helicopter missed. 

Still. Impressive.

Have you ever seen anything this crazy?!

Image via msnbc

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