5 Reasons Peyton Manning Belongs Back In Tennessee (VIDEO)

peyton manningPeyton Manning is gearing up to make a huge decision about where he will continue his legendary football career, and most people are speculating that he will either wind up going to either the Denver Broncos or the Tennessee Titans. And I think it's safe to safe to say that the right choice between the two is crystal clear.

OMG. If he doesn't wind up back in his old college football stomping grounds of Tennessee, he will absolutely break the hearts of UT students, alumni, and fans everywhere. Because the Volunteer State is where he belongs -- period.


And there are some very good reasons for why returning to "good old Rocky Top" is the best decision for him.

1. He's "all Vol": Many people at UT joke that "their blood runs orange," and while that may not be literally true, it is fair to say that the University of Tennessee kind of gets into your blood when you go there. (I know, because I'm a UT alum myself). No matter where you live after you graduate, Tennessee never really leaves you. Our theme song says, "Rocky Top, you will always be home sweet home to me." (Excuse me while I pause and sing a little bit). And it's true. Odds are good that Peyton still feels the connection too.

2. His wife is from TN: Peyton's wife Ashley hails from Memphis, so it would make sense to return to her home state and raise their kids there. If mama ain't happy, nobody's happy, right?

3. He's a family man: Moving to Nashville is much closer to Peyton's home state of Louisiana, so he'd be much closer to his family. The Mannings are very close knit, so I'm sure they all love the thought of living a bit less far apart.

4. Denver isn't the place for a southern boy: I've lived in Denver -- and it's simply not the right place for a boy from Louisiana. Plus, that's Tim Tebow's turf.

5. His history - Peyton has a history of being loyal to Tennessee, both in choosing to start his football career there, and to remain there for his final year of school.

I won't lie -- I get a little bit weepy every time I watch this video of Peyton Manning announcing that he would remain at the University of Tennessee for his senior year. Let's hope that we see footage of a similar announcement fairly soon.

What team do you hope Peyton winds up playing for?

Image via Joey Foley/Getty

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