You Can Score New iPad Without Waiting in Line -- No, Really!

people lined up in NYC at 5th ave apple storePeople waiting in line for iPads at Apple Store in NYCOMG, you guys, the "Resolutionary" New iPad (unofficial name: iPad 3) is coming out TOMORROW, Friday, March 16. Do you know what that means? It means that tons of Apple buffs are currently plotting how they're going to take the day off of work tomorrow, digging lawn chairs out of garages ("I know I've seen that darn thing since the iPhone 4S release ..."), and Google mapping out the fastest route to their nearest Apple store so they can wait in line, starting at 6 a.m. even tonight. Wow ... what a bunch of iDummies.

Listen, I love Apple products as much as the next Mac junkie. I really do. Since 2005, I have owned two iPhones (three if you count the one I bought my fiance for his b-day last month), a MacBook Pro, and an iBook. Being forced to use a PC or anything that doesn't run Mac OS usually makes me ill. But you will never catch me queuing up in front of an Apple store on the day of a new product's release.


Because it's a huge waste of time! First of all, barring media folks who need it to review for their website/magazine/newspaper, I don't understand the impulse to act like cattle just so you can have that next best thing within hours of its release. Is it really going to matter if you get it a few days or a week or two later? No. Furthermore, there's absolutely no reason to get in line at the Apple store when you can even more easily pre-order whatever it is you want online (even from the Apple Store app on current iPhone or iPad!) and have it shipped directly to your house! On the day it comes out, even! So that way, you still have it as fast as all those silly ducks in their crowded row. Duh.

I do get one thing: Some folks must feel like lining up for Apple product is just part of the Mac lovin' "experience." They get to bond with one another and feel a certain sense of camaraderie whilst waiting to plop down hundreds on the latest and greatest iWhatever. To that I say, good for them. But the next time Apple releases something I want to buy, I'll be waiting for the UPS guy from the comfort of my nice warm apartment.

What do you think about the culture of queuing up for the latest Apple product? Have you/would you ever do it?


Image via Rob DiCaterino/Flickr

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