Tebowing Trend ‘Officially’ Traced Back to the Day Tim Tebow Was Born (PHOTO)

First 'Tebowing' ever?
When Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow took the field and then got down on one knee and put his fist to his forehead, no one really understood just how crazy and infatuated we would become with Tebowing. People were seen Tebowing in their office, in their home, on the street, anywhere they felt comfortable enough propping up one knee and bowing their head.

But I never really thought if Tebow was actually the first to strike this pose and make it into the mainstream -- and if he weren't, who was? It seems that a reader who wrote in to Deadspin might have the answer to this behemothic question of Einstein proportions. And the answer really is quite freaky!


Here's what the tipster, Jeff, said to Deadspin:

I saw the weirdest thing tonight. We rented a movie from 1987, Can't Buy Me Love. What caught my eye was a split second frame of a young Seth Green striking a familiar pose. I thought, maybe it was the same year Tebow was born? That'd be pretty weird right? Turns out HE WAS BORN THE EXACT SAME DAY THIS MOVIE CAME OUT!!!

What the heck?! Can't get much more freaky than that! The first sighting ever of Tebowing (that we know about) from rom-com '80s movie Can't Buy Me Love took place on the exact same day Tim Tebow was born?? That is just way too crazy for words.

August 14, 1987 is the day that both of these amazing events took place. Seth Green, who played the younger brother to a much nerdier Patrick Dempsey, can take the credit for striking the first Tebow pose ... right as Tebow's own mother was welcoming him into the world. I mean, it'd be one thing if it were the same year, even the same month. But the exact same day??

Consider my mind officially blown. If you ever had any doubts that Tim Tebow was somehow cosmically connected to the universe, this should put all of those to rest.

How crazy is it that the first act of Tebowing took place on the day Tim Tebow was born?

Image via Can't Buy Me Love

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