Man Sues Apple for 'Fictional' iPhone Ads

Siri on an iPhoneApple may be readying for the release of the iPad 3 "new iPad" at the end of this week, but I'm sure the tone over there in Cupertino isn't exactly 100 percent celebratory right now. The iCompany has a lot on their plate, including a lawsuit over Siri filed by a New York man, Frank M. Fazio, who is accusing Apple of being "misleading and deceptive" in their advertisements for the digital personal assistant. Wuh-oh ...

The lawsuit reads, "For example, in many of Apple's television advertisements, individuals are shown using Siri to make appointments, find restaurants and even learn the guitar chords to classic rock songs or how to tie a tie." According to Fazio, the commercials misled him to buy the iPhone 4S, but he has had pretty much nothing but trouble when trying to get Siri to do his bidding. The lawsuit even goes so far as to call Apple's advertisements "fiction." Wow!


Now, okay, so there are folks who do their best to bring down huge tech companies (Apple, Google, Facebook) all the time, but I'm thinking this isn't exactly a one-off situation. Fazio's definitely voicing a concern of many annoyed iPhone users. Gotta give the guy credit for that.

But just to play devil's advocate for a quick sec: Apple has made it known that Siri is just in beta. They've also apologized up and down about that and also said she's still evolving, they're striving to make her better all the time, yada yada. And I believe it. Still, at the same time, I definitely get where Fazio is coming from.

Since I got my first iPhone back in 2009, I'd been talking it up to my fiance. Then, when I got the iPhone 4S, I talked up Siri. He finally bit the bullet and let me buy him one as his b-day gift last month, and what does he think so far? Well, he finds it's invaluable for his work, but he's disappointed with one thing: SIRI! He said she just doesn't work the way he was led to believe she would. Huh. Sound familiar?

In the end, yeah, it stinks that she's not as brilliant as we had hoped she'd be, but I'm not sure she's bad enough to be taken to court. The fiance and I still use her to make reminders and appointments, notes, send texts, phone calls, get the weather, etc. Nonetheless, will Apple have to cough up for a displeased iPhone owner? Guess we'll have to wait and see.

Do you think Apple deserves this Siri lawsuit?


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