Chris Paul’s Homemade Protective Mask for His Son Is a Must-See (PHOTO)

Chris Paul maskChris Paul, a point guard for the Los Angeles Clippers, helped remind us all today that he is, first and foremost, a dad. He posted an adorable photo of his son wearing a homemade mask, which may look kind of confusing to you at first. But what makes the photo so adorable is the backstory. Chris' son saw that his daddy has to wear a face mask due to a nasal fracture, right after Kobe Bryant was sporting one as well to protect his broken nose.

So with all these hoops stars donning masks, you can't help but blame Paul's son for wanting to be in on this hot trend too. He asked his dad to make him a mask for when he plays basketball, and I guess this was the best that Paul could come up with.


Of course Paul's teammates couldn't help but mock him for his lack of artistic skill, but I think Paul did the best he could ... and all masks are more functional over fashionable anyway. And this one was clearly made with lots of love. He explained his efforts on Twitter:

Sittin at home trying to make my son a MASK...he said "Daddy I need my mask for the game 2nite bc I fell and hurt my face" #TooSmart

I definitely couldn't turn down that little guy's request! If you ask me, I think this is one of the best photos to come out so far from the NBA this season. And Paul gets an A for effort for helping out his kid. He could have as easily gone to the store to pick something up but decided to go the homemade route, and it's just too cute for words.

Plus, CP3's son is clearly thrilled with his mask, posing with pride and ball in hand next to his hoop -- the kind of hoop I think most of us grew up with. He looks just like his daddy now! Sort of!

What do you think of the mask Chris Paul made for his son?


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