Encyclopedia Britannica Going Digital Sorta Freaks Me Out

Encyclopedia BritannicaIn yet another sign that all things in print are coming to an end, the Encyclopedia Britannica announced Tuesday that they are moving their volumes strictly to the web a la Wikipedia. Yup, say goodbye to that classic old-fashioned book smell, the stains of ink on your fingers after flipping through one-too-many pages, and use that $1,400 that the 32-volume printed edition cost you every two years for something else. Like, hmmm, a new laptop!

According to Jorge Crauz, president of Encyclopedia Britannica, the end of the print edition has been coming for a long time. And as a techtastic woman myself, I can't say it's surprising. But am I the only one who is an eensy bit worried about this? What if the Internet goes KAPLOW one day and all of a sudden, everything's gone!?

Panic ensues ... now.


Like every modern woman, there are so many things I worry about. Everything on the Internet needs a password. What if one day, I forget my passwords? What if I develop amnesia and there's just simply no way to recover anything? What if the Internet crashes, my backup drive backfires, and I'm stuck at square one with nowhere to go? I know I know, all of these things are very unlikely. However, it's a scary thing seeing everything head in the web only direction.

In our digital age, everything's about ease. There aren't many people that take the time out of their busy day to head to the library and check out the encyclopedia when they're looking for an answer. Actually, let me rephrase that. No one does that.

So yes, while it makes me sad that one day my future children will be nagging me for my Internet password so they can learn about whoever that Benjamin Franklin character is and what he has to do with a key on a string instead of asking to go to the library, I guess it's just the way the updated cookie crumbles.

Will we survive as everything goes digital? Yes, I'm suuuure we will. I am most definitely going to miss doing biceps curls with the Index volume, though.

What do you think about Encyclopedia Britannica going digital?


Image via liza31337/Flickr

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